Finding Books that are Not Mainstream

It is not often that you can find publishers that cover wide ranging topics that interest you. Theology and the paranormal are among the subjects that stir the most intense debates. Books that cover these and other topics can give you an enhanced viewpoint and teach you something about your country as well. If you are one of those people who have varied interests, the right publisher can satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Topics like What is the law of attraction, Are Ufos Real, Hormesis, Confederate Flag, Nathan Bedford Forrest, American civil war, Healing Stones and others are at the top of reading lists for many people.

These types of topics help people clear up much misinformation that exists. For example, there are a lot of misconceptions about the American Civil War that still exist today. Many people are misinformed about actual events and when or why they took place. For some, the confusion lies in the role that some historical figures played in the unfolding of the events. Many people have devoted time and considerable research to debunking some of the most popular civil war myths. It makes sense to know as much as you can about such a pivotal period in the country’s’ history, and its most prominent figures. While reading material is not hard to come by, you have to be able to count on the quality of the information. Whether you want to learn more about the country’s first constitution or civil war generals, you should be able to find this information.


Getting a hold of the books you want is not difficult, as many publishers make their catalogs available in their online webstores. If you visit some of the top bookstores in your area you should be able to find the books you want as well. Many of these books are sold outside the USA, so anyone who wants to learn more about these subjects will also have access to the information.

The law of attraction is another phrase that is often misunderstood. When people are asked What is the law of attraction, many of them assume that the answer has something to do with relationships. Some people, through their own research have come to realize that that this phrase has to do with the power that is within all human beings. With the right books you can learn how to use these powers to your benefit. Some publishing houses may shy away from these topics as they can be somewhat controversial in nature. Websites like are worth visiting to find information on these and other topics that are somewhat outside the publishing mainstream.


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